I am active in the public outreach efforts of the Melbourne-area astrophysics community, particularly via the OzGrav outreach team and the CSIRO STEM Professionals in Schools program. I am a big believer in scientific outreach, and encourage all scientists to take part in educating and enspiring their communities. If you have any questions or suggestions about how to get involved in Melbourne Astronomy/Astrophysics outreach, or especially if you know of an event that could use my support, please get in touch!


I play a bit of guitar in my (very limited) free time, and I played violin and viola for more than a decade in youth orchestras when I was younger. I find a live gig is a great way to finish off a week, especially if the genre has the word "Rock" in it, and I'm always taking suggestion for new music.


I swim regularly, and have been active on the Monash Swim Fit team. I also enjoy surfing in the summer and hiking year-round in the Melbourne mountain ranges. Reach out if you know of a nearby hidden gem!